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123 Remodeling’s bathroom remodeling project of this master bathroom was featured on a popular home maker’s website As quoted by the article at “The professionals at 123 Remodeling, turned this dated 1980’s master bathroom into a high-tech room of luxury and functionality. This down-to-the-studs remodel shows how skillful planning, thoughtful design, and a deliberate budget

So you’re ready to make the jump and remodel that kitchen?  Your reasons may vary, to upgrade appliances, increase home value and/or “re-map” the layout of the entire kitchen.  Here we will take into consideration 6 major elements when kitchen remodeling:   The Layout – “Work Triangle” Appliances Material Selection – Flooring/Countertop Storage Electrical –

123 Remodeling’s photo gallery of completed projects – displayed with a Before-N-After format, hover-over any one of the Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling and Condo Remodeling project photos below to see the transformation. Bathroom Remodeling – Complete gut of bathroom, replaced bathtub area with Stand-alone bathtub and Walk-in shower combo. Click here to see this project in

Ever wonder how one step on a squeaky floor can make such a loud, piercing sounds?  A simple nail connecting the joist and sub-floor may get warped or fail out of place and once the nail is not in its place, the pressure against Subfloor will cause that squeak, every time you step on that

Here are 10 household items you never would have thought to use to organize and for storage around your home.   Creative ways to store items without spending much time or money at all. Some of these are especially nice for a small home or condominiums where you simply don’t have the space to just throw everything in a drawer

Take your home to the next level, we have installed, repaired and remodeled all types of exterior remodeling projects. CLICK any of the numbers of the 10 exterior project areas below to see how 123 Remodeling has helped our customer’s home structurally while instantly raising property value and curb appeal.  Invest wisely with 123 Remodeling for

Exterior remodeling raise property value, safety and functionality A home’s curb appeal is crucial because it can be the first thing buyers notice about a home. A recent study done by, rates different projects to a home’s market value and its associated cost vs. added value.  The results were that 8 out of 10 project were exterior

Both the appraisal and home inspection are a report based on a professional inspection of a property:  “An appraisal is used to identify value”  “An inspection is used to identify issues” Re: An Appraisal:, a respected source for self-education on financial terms defines and explains an appraisal as:   A valuation of property (ie.

“All I want is a walk-in shower and have no need for a bathtub.”  If you feel this way, you are not alone.     An informal poll 123 Remodeling conducted in April of 2015 had 60% of respondents opting for a walk-in shower over a bathtub or both when asked:   In a “No

Brainstorming about using new colors in your home? PANTONE is an independent company that created a universal color definition system.  Like Michelin has restaurant awards, Time Magazine has a Person of the Year…  as color insiders PANTONE also declares a color of the year. 123 Remodeling is happy to present PANTONE’s 2015 Color of the

1. Smart Lock Unlock your door with your phone 2. DeckMate Railing Table Instantly turn any railing into a table 3. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Just place the ingredients inside and it does the rest 4. Vertical Bookshelf Space-saving bookshelf design 5. Remote Controlled Shades Control your shades with the push of a button

1. Sink Fail 2. Sink Fall 3. Faucet Fail 4. Drawer Fail 5. Backwards Door Handle 5. Spacious Bathroom 6. Caution: Wet Paint 7. Bathroom Doors Are Tricky 8. Tile Fail 9. Bookshelf Fail 10. Doesn’t Quite Look Like the Picture 11. Just Fill in the Gap, No One Will Notice 12. Door Stop Fail