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More Photos   This Magnificent Mile condo remodel was a total unit gut rehab. Included were bathroom, kitchen, livingroom and bedroom renovations and new flooring installation. The original outdated kitchen was demolished. The flooring and appliances were removed. We added a breakfast bar in a new pass through window that opens and connects the kitchen

More Photos This Edgewater Condo Remodel included kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living room, and bedroom renovations, and hardwood flooring and Serena shades installation. The original outdated kitchen was demolished, and appliances removed. We opened the condo remodel project as much as we could according to building limitations. We installed new modern minimalist style cabinets with a

More Photos What We Did In this Gold Coast condo remodel project we had a very big challenge with opening the wall for a bar and keeping the inside kitchen cabinets but still making sure the new outside cabinets won’t look out of place. Our customer wanted to open the kitchen wall and add a bar

123 Remodeling is happy to announce the launch of our first ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Condo Remodeling. If you’re interested in remodeling your condo, this ebook is for you. The ebook is thirty-two pages long, and contains all the information you need to know before getting started with your condo remodeling project. Here’s

Once again, 123 Remodeling has won the Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction. We are happy to accept this award for the third consecutive year — for 2012, 2013, and 2014. We look forward to continuing that trend in 2015 as well. Thank you to all of our customers who helped

6 Condo & Highrise Flooring Ideas

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  Most highrise or condominium homes are constructed of solid concrete, glass and steel. For years one flooring option has been parquet floors, which are glued down and installed directly on the concrete. For most the busy pattern can not only play with your mind due to the angled checker board look but, can scratch

Condo or Loft bathroom remodeling can have its challenges, first being that condo rules governed by the condo association can impact what changes you may be allowed to make, second most condo bathrooms have limited available space, third due to the typically small space most fixtures that aren’t easily moved (like plumbing or electrical), and

Do you feel your bathroom is too small or the space available is just not large enough for a luxury bathroom. How do you make the bathroom a pleasant place to start the day without breaking the bank? Small bathrooms can easily be changed radically while keeping the same footprint, all it takes is some creative redesign

  What We Did This Michigan Ave high-rise condominium project, consisted of replacing old carpet with hardwood flooring, using the customer’s choice – Brazilian Cherry . Project Image Gallery Remodel Your Home If you live in Chicago or the surrounding area, call us today for a free consultation (773) 685-6095, or click the button below:

What We Did Bedroom addition to a Lincoln Park Loft. 123 Remodeling installers constructed and framed a new wall with drywall on one side and reclaimed barn wood on the other side to convert this open area to a useful bedroom.  Constructed a closet in the loft area to complete the construction of the bedroom

What We Did 123 Remodeling installation experts worked closely with the homeowner to install an eating area opening up the drywall area that connects the kitchen to the dining room.  Our drywall installers used a large piece of granite to serve as the new eating area after opening up the wall.  The kitchen was completely

More Photos What We Did One major challenge of remodeling a condominium, especially a studio is making a small, generic space mirror your style and personality. When it comes to remodeling a condo, the process can be even more difficult since it is typically a small space with fixtures that aren’t easily moved. However, if