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  Before, During & After DESCRIPTION: Evanston Master Bathroom Renovation project started with demolition of the original bathroom. Starting with bare walls, a new standing shower was built, to replace the old bathtub. We installed proper plumbing for the new shower, dry-walled the shower walls, and created a standing shower base which was Transition-less from the

123 Remodeling was called to solve a problem for a commercial warehouse in Chicago, IL.  The warehouse re-structured, dividing areas into smaller units, suiting the needs of smaller businesses. After dividing the warehouse, the increased of number businesses, increased the number of individuals accessing the warehouse bathrooms. The two bathrooms were not enough to suit the needs

Did you know? Americans spent $326 BILLION on remodeling in 2015 (Harvard University tabulations of HUD housing surveys). What is NAR? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is a group organized by over 1 million members.  Members in residential and commercial real estate as brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors, and others who are engaged in

Turning Walls into Bathrooms

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Building bathrooms from bare walls, first by knocking down walls, running new electrical, water, sewage lines to create functional bathrooms.  This time 123 Remodeling has taken a small sub-section of a brick wall in a commercial warehouse to create 4 bathrooms – 2 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms.  2 bathrooms will be used as

DESCRIPTION: Lakeview Condo Bathroom Renovation project started with demolition of the original condo bathroom at The New York Building. Starting with bare walls, a new standing shower was built, to replace the old bathtub. We installed proper plumbing for the new shower, dry-walled the shower walls, and created a standing shower base. Next, we laid the

We’ve done it again. Chicago Remodeling company 123 Remodeling have taken an unfurnished, unused basement space and created a functional, livable square footage basement space. The home has added a full bathroom, laundry and utility room.  The newly installed canned recessed lighting have been installed to create maximum head space.   All of the exposed studs and support beams

  What We Did: DESCRIPTION: The project started with demolition of the existing outdated 1980’s bathroom equipped with marble looking shower and floor tile, bathtub/shower fixtures, and plain-jane dual sink vanity with marble countertop. We proceeded with the removal of shower, tile, fixtures, bathtub, flooring, toilet, vanity, sinks, mirrors and the dim beauty lighting fixtures.

123 Remodeling’s bathroom remodeling project of this master bathroom was featured on a popular home maker’s website As quoted by the article at “The professionals at 123 Remodeling, turned this dated 1980’s master bathroom into a high-tech room of luxury and functionality. This down-to-the-studs remodel shows how skillful planning, thoughtful design, and a deliberate budget

123 Remodeling’s photo gallery of completed projects – displayed with a Before-N-After format, hover-over any one of the Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling and Condo Remodeling project photos below to see the transformation. Bathroom Remodeling – Complete gut of bathroom, replaced bathtub area with Stand-alone bathtub and Walk-in shower combo. Click here to see this project in

123 Remodeling’s collection of 10 Coolest and Useful Bathroom Products all for under $20.  Check out our reviews of these bathroom product inventions, click on the image to see the item in detail and purchase directly from 1.  Windshield wiper for your mirror – Quick answer to a fog-free mirror, no smear marks, no looking for

    Complete demolition and bathroom remodel of master bathroom in Chicago’s Lakeview area. What We Did  Removed and replaced walls, floors, drop ceiling, window and vanity, toilet and bathtub Replaced old window area with installation of glass blocks Re-structure walls, installing fresh drywall throughout with insulation Bathtub area shower tile (7′ high) complete back-splash with

  This condo bathroom remodel project in Downtown Chicago has been completely gutted and rehabbed.  Here is what we did: Removal of old bathroom wall, tiles, floor, bathtub and plumbing. Installed a walk-in shower with tile shower base glass mosaic tiled backsplash to accent the over-sized shower tile. In-wall shelving, new rainfall shower head and fixtures