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You use your shower every day, and a great shower is the key to staring your day off on the right foot. That’s why the shower is the most important part of your bathroom. According to MarketWatch, 48% of Americans wish they could make their shower larger. But remodeling your shower can be overwhelming —

Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2015

Monday, 15 December 2014 by

Interior design styles are always evolving and changing. With 2014 coming to a close, let’s check out some new bathroom design trends for 2015 and beyond. Here’s a look at some bathroom trends for this past year. What new styles will we see? What bathroom features will become popular? What’s going out of style? Here’s

  Amanda’s year started out with the unfortunate tragic death of her husband, Craig. They had only been married for 16 months when Craig suffered a heart attack on their way home from vacation. Amanda’s best friend Kelly wanted to end this year with a holiday surprise for her. Windy City Live teamed up with

Are you interested in tiling your bathroom or kitchen floor? Tile can be a great improvement to your home, whether by itself or part of a larger remodeling project. The average cost will vary depending on location, but in this article we’ll discuss prices based on Chicago, Illinois, because that’s where we’re located. If you

The bathroom is the most visited space within most homes – you use the bathroom at least twice a day, minimum. So why not renovate it? Most think a bathroom renovation is costly, but that’s not always true. According to Houzz, a mid-range bathroom remodel can cost $10,000 or more. However, you can change the

5 Bathroom Design Ideas

Friday, 12 September 2014 by

  If you own a condo, it is likely that you will eventually remodel the bathroom. It makes sense being that the bathroom is the most used room in the house along with the kitchen. Wear and tear is inevitable in a room battered by water. When the time comes to remodel your bathroom, you

    Remodeling the bathroom is the most costly part of the house to upgrade after the kitchen. Replacing sinks, toilets and tubs along with plumbing can cost a good chunk of change. In fact, it’s estimated that a high-end bathroom remodel will cost around $25,000 and the average bathroom remodel goes for nearly $10,000.

Who likes a small cramped bathroom? Not me thats for sure! Our team recently completed a project which required adding more room to the bathroom. The original bathroom was 5′ by 3′ wide but had an attached closet. By removing the existing closet we were able to increase the overall bathroom size to 8′ x

The home remodeling industry is expected to be strong through mid-2014 with double digit growth, projects the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, in part due to increased consumer confidence. Home improvements should add both present enjoyment and future return on investment when you go to sell your home. Try these 6 upgrades:

We’ve done it again. Chicago Remodeling company 123 Remodeling have taken an old outdated interior of this 2 story home and created a dream home on minimal budget. The home features 3 bedrooms, 1 Master Bathroom. There’s even a newly finished basement with a guest bathroom, shower, and utility room. The project took approx. 90 days

Home Improvement Fails

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 by

Here are three newly released commercials by Lowes providing a direct message to all Do It Yourselfers. “If you need help just ask”. The three commercials provide a good example of what can go wrong with some of these types of Home Improvement and Home Renovations. Contact your local remodeling contractor to avoid these types

Antibes Collection  Available in 3 color variations and a unique 10″ x 28″ ceramic wall tile. The Antibes collection can be a great solution for the walls of any bathroom remodel if you are trying to create a clean and sophisticated design. Brescia Collection The Brescia Collection is a complete bathroom tile collection featuring porcelain