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Bathroom Shower Fixture by Danze

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Danze Rectangular Air Tech Showerhead

Bathroom Remodeling requires planning not only the basics of tub, shower, tile, toilet or vanity installation but most individuals forget about the Shower Head options. There are many options from the basic single point of spray to multi-point of spray using multiple shower heads. 123 Remodeling Chicago is a trend setter in bathroom remodeling in Chicago & Chicago Suburbs, we provide various options and suggestions that use the latest technology breakthroughs. The showerhead design can add the final touches to a great bathroom design but the functionality is what is most important. An example of this is the showerhead by Danze who has created a Mono Chic rectangular showerhead design which uses Air Injection Technolodgy.

The showerhead is designed with a rectangular geometric shape with dimensions of 5in x 8in thus providing a large spray pattern that feels like natural rainfall. The showerhead is EPA certified, with a maximum two gallons per min. Flow rate. In order to compensate for the low flow rate, the showerhead infuses air into the water stream to improve the shower’s intensity, while softening the feel of the spray.

Ask Us about the Danze Mono Chic Showerhead for your next Chicago Bathroom Remodel – Available in both Chrome & Brushed-Nickel Finishes.